Custom hang tags are an easy and affordable way to add your own unique branding (and style) to almost any product. Give people important information like pricing, product details and even your company mission or story. With all sorts of options, you can create just the right product tag for apparel, collectibles, food, gift boxes and more.

Top tips for tags

  • ◉ Use string or twine to tie the tags on
  • ◉ Use slightly larger fonts and dark text to increase scan ability 

When people mention labels or tags, the usual mindset is that of tags that are made out of cloth, paper, or cardboard. What some people may not realize is that label tags can come in many different forms, shapes, sizes and materials. These can also be found on more than just consumer goods, and items that are found in stores near you.

Labels and tags come in many guises, and can be made using a wide variety of materials. The material choices that are made for the creation of these tags are often dependent on where these are to be used. For example, if the tag is to go on a piece of clothing then the logical choice of material for the tag or label would also be something that can survive the washing and the wearing cycles of the item, hence the choosing of cloth tags for this.

There are quite a number of materials that can be used for the creation of labels or tags, and the material chosen for the jobs is usually the one best suited for the item in question. As mentioned earlier, cloth tags are ideal for clothing due to what such items go through.

Other label types that are used by businesses for their tagging and labeling needs include materials like vinyl, Lexan and Polyester. Some businesses also choose to create tags for their products using low-cost but rather durable options like aluminum foil






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