Brands the world over keep launching new promotions and marketing initiatives to retain and enhance consumer engagement. Over the years we have seen a great deal of such initiatives by the brands. Perhaps the most popular promotional activity undertaken by the leading brands is scratch and win promotional coupons. 

This is where Magnus graphics steps in – with our extensive experience in designing and producing secure documents, we integrate several security features into the coupon that carry multiple layers of security to conclusively authenticate a coupon. Some of these features are:


  • ◉ Customized or generic holographic scratch off
  • ◉ Secure designing and printed security features
  • ◉ Holographic elements with demet feature
  • ◉ Other interactive features such as color shifting or color changing due to brisk rubbing
  • ◉ Variable data and codes

We ensure that your promotional coupons are highly secured and the money you spend goes only to the intended beneficiaries, and not to some unscrupulous people who counterfeit your coupons.



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