Over two decade there has been significant change in the packaging medium of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food, cleanser & health care products. Squeeze Laminated tube is a new advanced packaging medium in the world & gradually replacing the conventional Aluminum collapsible tubes in the market. The squeeze Laminated tube in comparison to aluminum tube has glossy finish, even thickness and aesthetic appeal – provides for an attractive appearance after printing and coating. Product that requires long shelf life and safe, hygienic & attractive looks can be packed in Plastic Laminated Tubes.

Products that can be packed in Plastic Laminated Tubes are:

Ointments, Balms, Heena Paste, Face Creams, Foot Creams, Facial Creams, Diaper Rash Creams, Toothpaste, Ketchups, Chilly Sauces etc.

  • ◉ Medical Packaging
  • ◉ Food Packaging
  • ◉ Personal Care Packaging
  • ◉ Tooth Pastes
  • ◉ Cosmetic Creams Fairness Creams
  • ◉ Anti-Wrinkle Creams
  • ◉ Antiseptic Creams, Acne creams
  • ◉ Ayurveda Creams
  • ◉ Foot Care Creams etc.
  • ◉ Shampoo & Hair Oils
  • ◉ Shaving Gel
  • ◉ Hair Dyes & Heena

Magnus Graphics diversified in laminated tubes in the year 2018. Sophisticated machines for producing laminated tubes of international standard. The plant has in house facilities for all process such as designing section with processing and plate making section, high quality machines to manufacture the lamitubes. We provide Lamitubes to suit all individual packaging needs. This is achieved through continuous research and innovations for optimum satisfaction of consumable industry and final consumers. Carrying the tradition on, we meet International standards of quality at most competitive cost.



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