Magnus graphics offer paper labels with holographic labels for added security. We can do full personalized holographic design or stock with encrypted information. The paper label can be sold empty or with print as well as QR codes, bar codes, serial numbers, etc. We are able to do many different sizes and shapes. This solution helps to save money, it combines many different label solutions into one. Because of the complexity of the label, they cannot be duplicated and you our clients can rest assure that the products will remain safe.

  • ◉ Holographic image transferred in a strip form in multiple ups at specified location on the desired substrate in a roll form
  • ◉ The unique transfer process makes the image scratch proof
  • ◉ The transfer of holographic image is done at our highly secured factory premises by a specialized machine
  • ◉ Holographic customized designs are applied with multiple security features
  • ◉ This unique solution gives the convenience of no additional operation at users end, as the packing material will be supplied with customized authentication
  • ◉ Strip can be applied on PVC, PET, BOPP, Paper, Aluminum, HDPE, and LDPE etc.



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