Cold foil labels are used to apply a lustrous shimmer to delicate or heat-sensitive label materials. A strong alternative to hot foil labels, they are made with an on-press application that transfers a thin sheet of foil onto label material using cold printing plates and a UV curing lamp

Where you’ll find cold foil labels

During the printing process, hot foil labels can damage temperature-sensitive substrates, such as plastic films and non-porous materials, during the stamping process. Cold foil labels provide metallic touches where hot foil stamping isn’t possible. You can find cold foil labels on plastic beverage bottles, household goods, fine foods, pressure-sensitive sticker labels and many other products packages.

Are cold foil labels right for your brand?

If you want to give your labels a standout, metallic look and need to use temperature-sensitive labeling materials, you should consider cold foil stamps. Their bright sheens grab attention, and they come in a full range of color tints. More importantly, they can give your products a premium look and feel. Not sure if you have a temperature-sensitive material? We’ll guide you through the process and help you find exactly the right process for your label.

Our cold foil capabilities

We can print a complete range of custom cold foil labels and have the capabilities to:

  • ◉ Use spot colors to create any color label
  • ◉ Print labels for nearly any container using a complete library of dies
  • ◉ Add embossing and special design effects that give your label a one-of-a-kind look
  • ◉ Deliver the right label solution for your budget and lead times

And we stand behind our cold foil capabilities with complete service.

Labels are complex, we can help

Magnus Graphics team has extensive experience and knowledge in label design, label materials and the full range of label printing complexities. Whether we use cold foil, hot foil, embossing, screen-printing or another label capability, our team walks you through each step of the process to deliver you the label that matches your vision.



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