We are magnus graphics, we are one of the India’s packaging material manufacturing company, Client-oriented, 100% commercial printing company, we never compromise with the quality and guarantee. Our client’s satisfaction. We offer packaging solution with the latest technology to help our customers to meet their requirement at best level of satisfaction. We have received feedback from many clients who have appreciated the color and design sense of our graphic designers.

Our Foucs

Magnus Graphics believe in providing quality product to our customer, designing team is continuously working to improve the quality to meet our customer need. ‘We do not aim to be the cheapest and we can’t be a Paragon, We survive through our service & Quality’ The press operates make a key contribution to the overall efficiency of the operation, being fully involved in how the presses are run and the work-flow around them.


Magnus Graphics label design is like a great book cover—informative, intriguing and inviting. Plus it makes customers say “yes” to your product. we believe in providing quality product to our customer. Get a custom product label design, and our designers will create something you’ll love. Qualified and efficient staff with the commitment to reach the end user Satisfaction.

We (Magnus Graphics/Holo India) are in the business of Products & Security Label Manufacturing in India Since 2012, equipped with High Tech Automatic Servo Driven Machine (Germany). We provide 100 % Solution for your products as we can make nearly all kind of Security labels as per the new demands of the market. We directly import some tailored raw material from the different countries to meet the customer need & this is also the reason why we are nominal in today’s market.




    We always looking for new and creative ideas to help you with our products.